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October 18, 2007

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Americans are demanding new choices about where and how they live. For the past 50 years drivable suburbanism has been the norm, coupled with decaying central cities. But that familiar pattern is reversing, in part, thanks to our two guests this week.

John Talmage runs Social Compact, an organization that is uncovering the numbers that show inner city neighborhoods have far more people and far more buying power than official counts suggest. And he is helping cities capitalize on that with revitalization. Prior to joining Social Compact, John served as the Deputy Director for Economic Development for the City of New Orleans.

-- Click here to listen to more of our conversation with John Talmage.

Chris Leinberger is a metropolitan land strategist and developer. In his new book, The Option of Urbanism: Investing in the Next American Dream, Chris makes a compelling case for why the next American dream will be walk-able, urban neighborhoods. Chris is also a professor at the University of Michigan Graduate Real Estate Program.

-- Click here to listen to more of our conversation with Chris Leinberger.

This week on Smart City.

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