Tweetie Bird It is about imagining that the center is ever flexible and having the courage to create new centers.-Theaster Gates on his work #ArtPlace [More from ccoletta]

December 1, 2002

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TodayÕs topic is "Creative Juice." WeÕll ask our panelists of artists, entrepreneurs, and technologists where and how they find their inspiration to create something new.

Joining us today is Robby Grant, singer, songwriter, composer for the seminal rock band Big Ass Truck and current musical ventures Vending Machine and Tone Generator, and Web Production Manager for

Dr. Pat Walls is a strategist with FedEx who is developing creativity training for organizations.

Karl Condon is associate artistic director for Ballet Memphis. A prolific choreographer, Karl has produced work to music by Big Ass Truck and Tom Waits, and he also choreographs a new Nutcracker each year. The man has range!

Dr. Brian Janz is Director of the Center for Managing Emerging Technology at The University of Memphis. His research focus is on understanding how organizations can be more effective in scanning the environment for innovative, emerging technologies and exploring the effects that self-direction and cooperation have on teams of knowledge workers.

Teri Rhodes White is a graphic designer and entrepreneur. After working in a big ad agency, Teri left to start her own one-woman firm where she works with tight networks of collaborators to produce client work.

We'll also talk to Bill Bulick, who founded of Creative Planning, Inc. in 1998 after nearly 20 years in non-profit, public sector and arts management. From 1989-98 he was Executive Director of the Regional Arts and Culture Council of Portland, Oregon. During his tenure the agency initiated and oversaw the first comprehensive regional cultural planning process in the nation. Creative Planning has led cultural planning processes in Lake Tahoe, San Mateo County, California, Santa Cruz County and Newark. Bill has also been a core member of consultant teams, which developed community cultural plans for Charlotte and Cincinnati.

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