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March 2, 2003

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Andrew Zolli is author and editor of the Catalog of Tomorrow and a futurist working at the intersection of design, technology, culture and futures research. Previously, he helped start the new media practice of Siegelgale, a leading strategy, brand, and new media consultancy and has developed products for Netscape, Kodak, American Express, Silicon Graphics and many others.

The Next American City is a new magazine on the future of cities. Its very young founders, Adam Gordon and Seth Brown, say their magazine is by a new generation of urban leaders and thinkers that takes on the challenging question of how cities, through design, policy, and entrepreneurship, can remain economically competitive while addressing critical environmental and social issues.

Adam Gordon, 23, who lives in Baltimore, is editor in chief, and Seth Brown, 24, who lives in Manhattan, is publisher of The Next American City. Former roommates at Yale University, Class of 2000, both are involved in urban issues in their day jobs: Adam as a specialist on affordable housing for the nonprofit Baltimore Regional Partnership, Seth as a manager for The Hudson Cos., a Brooklyn-based for-profit developer of low-income and market-rate housing. The magazine debuted this month.

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