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April 19, 2003

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Gary Poole is the Chief Executive Officer for the capital city of Wellington, New Zealand. Victoria Wicks-Brown is the Economic Advocate for Wellington. Together, they are touring the U.S. to see what they can learn about how cities like Providence, R.I., Austin, Portland, OR, San Francisco and Memphis support a creative culture.

Jeff Mauzy and Richard Harriman are co-authors of the new book, "Creativity, Inc.: Building an Inventive Organization," published by Harvard Business School Press. They are both managers at Synectics, a pioneering consulting firm specializing in business creativity and innovation.

Jeff is a consulting manager at Synectics. He is also cofounder and CEO of Inventive Logic, a company that develops creativity augmenting software. Prior to his study of creativity in business, Jeff was a full-time artist and for three years was Artist in Residence for the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Richard is managing partner at Synectics. He splits his time between firmwide leadership responsibilities, working with clients on specific creativity challenges and assisting clients in building creativity into their organizations. With Terry Gilliam, he holds a patent for Synectics InSync, a meeting software that supports collaborative resolution to business problems.

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