Tweetie Bird It is about imagining that the center is ever flexible and having the courage to create new centers.-Theaster Gates on his work #ArtPlace [More from ccoletta]

May 17, 2003

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Professor Gary Hamel is a world-renowned strategy and innovation consultant and teacher. He is Director of the Woodside Institute, a non-profit research organization that exists to advance organizational resilience, innovation, and renewal in leading corporations and other organizations.Ê He is founder and chairman of Strategos (Strat-e-gose), a global strategic innovation services firm. Professor Hamels book, Competing for the Future, is among the best-selling management books of all time.Ê His most recent book is Leading the Revolution.Ê He is also a visiting professor of strategy at London Business School.


Mike Moser, cofounder of Goldberg Moser ONeill advertising agency, has worked in the industry for more than 25 years, with Dell Computers, Kia, and Beringer Winery, among his clients.Ê He has won more than 300 national and international marketing awards.Ê Mike is the author of United We Brand: How to Create a Cohesive Brand Thats Seen, Heard and Remembered, published by Harvard Business School Press.

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