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May 8, 2004

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Traffic jams are bringing America's commute to a crawl. Some cities are fighting back by stepping up their investment in transit.

The sprawling city of Houston - the city of no zoning  has built its ownÊ. And since it's opening on New Year's Day, it has been a surprise hit with Houstonians. We'll find out why from Shirley DeLibero, who guided its development.

Shirley was, until last month, President and CEO of METRO, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas, home to Houston. On New Year's Day this year, Houston opened its first light rail system.

Prior to joining Houston Metro, Shirley spent eight years as Executive Director of New Jersey Transit Corporation, the nation's third largest multi-modal public transit system. Her career also includes executive positions with DART in Dallas and the D.C. Transit Authority. She was named top transit manager in the nation in 1996. She now plans to start her own transportation consulting company after 28 years of transit experience.

Seattle is taking a different approach to transit, putting it up in the air on a monorail. The people of Seattle pushed the system and now the first segment of the system is about to get underway. Architect Rick Sundberg, who serves on the board ofÊThe Seattle Popular Monorail Authority, will tell us how it happened.

Richard is a principal at Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects. Recent notable work includes the Frye Art Museum and the Seattle University School of Law. He served as chair of the Seattle Design Commission (1997-2000) where he represented the city providing design counsel for such notable projects as the Seattle Downtown Library, the Experience Music Project, and the expansion of the Seattle Civic Center and the Washington State Convention Center. He is now a member of The Seattle Popular Monorail Authority, charged by voters with building a 14-mile monorail connecting Seattle's neighborhoods with downtown.

We'll talk with Shirley DeLibero and Richard Sundberg about new transit solutions on "Smart City."

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