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May 15, 2004

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Can design make us love or hate everyday things? Don Norman thinks so. He is Professor of Computer Science and Psychology at Northwestern University, and his work includes two popular books on design and its effect on the user.

Don calls himself a "user advocate." Business Week calls him a "cantankerous visionary." He is a strong advocate of human-centered design and simplicity and perhaps best known for his book, "The Design of Everyday Things." His latest book is "Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things."

Web designer Greg Storey believes good design may mean the difference between life and death. He re-designed what may be one of the most critical documents to emerge this year - the Presidential Daily Briefing warning that Bin Laden would strike the U.S.

We'll talk to Don Norman and Greg Storey about design and its effect on the show.

Also with us is Dr. Michael Silk, an Assistant Professor in the Sport Commerce and Culture Program at the University of Maryland. His work focuses on the production and consumption of sporting space. Dr. Silk and his colleagues are particularly interested in the reconfigurations of physical and imagined space and place within the contemporary sports industry. We'll talk with him about the production and consumption of sporting space.

Those conversations are coming up on the next "Smart City."

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