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July 17, 2004

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To imagine the future, it helps to have a clear-eyed view of what's happening right now.

The city of Dallas, Texas, now knows where it stands, thanks to an analysis by Booz Allen Hamilton funded by The Dallas Morning News. The result was the report,ÊÊthat sounds an urgent warning about the challenges facing the city. We'll talk about the report with consultant Andrew Clyde and business editor Ed Dufner.

"Dallas at the Tipping Point" is a joint effort of Booz Allen Hamilton consultants and some of the best reporters and editors at the Dallas Morning News to answer the question, 'How is Dallas doing?' Its conclusions are sobering, pointing out many of the gaps in the city's performance.

Dr. Wendy Schultz helps organizations see beyond their present to imagine their future. She is both a teacher and a practitioner of futures studies based in Oxford, England.

Dr. Schultz's futures work includes assignments for London's New Economic Foundation, the State of Hawaii Depart of Health, the Supreme Courts of Virginia and Oregon, and the U.S. Foreign Service. She has taught futures studies at the Finland Futures Academy, the University of Houston Clear Lake and the University of Hawaii.

We'll talk about how cities can accurately describe what's happening now and what may happen in the future on "Smart City."

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