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August 7, 2004

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When it comes to developing a city, the second time around is not easier.

Reclaiming land that may be contaminated, figuring out how to make in-town development affordable, and putting together the complicated partnerships to make it all work are just some of the challenges.

This weekÊwe'll talk about those challenges with Charles Bartsch and Stacey Stewart. As Senior Policy Analyst at theÊ Northeast-Midwest Institute. Charles helps cities turn abandoned properties into reusable land. In his 20 years with the Institute, he has visited more than 200 cities, helping them understand the tools offered by federal and state agencies that can turn abandoned properties into reusable land for new development.

Stacey Stewart is President and CEO of theÊ, the nations largest foundation devoted to affordable housing and community development. In 2001, the Fannie Mae Foundation was responsible for nearly 20 percent of all housing and community development grants in the country. Stacey was named head of the Fannie Mae Foundation in 1999. Prior to that, she was vice president of Housing and Community Development in Fannie Mae's southeastern regional office in Atlanta.

They'll share the most promising strategies for making developing cities the second time around a little easier and more affordable. That'sÊthis weekÊon "Smart City."

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