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August 28, 2004

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Planning communities for health is an old idea. But it's one we seem to have forgotten in our modern age. Now, a group of public health officials and planners are attempting to resurrect what we've known  that communities ought to be good for our health. Dr. Richard Jackson is with us this week to talk about how we can plan healthy communities and about his new book,Ê"Urban Sprawl and Public Health."

Dr. Richard Jackson is a pediatrician who has been studying the health effects of the environment for many years. Now, he has turned his attention to the effects of urban sprawl on our health. He is the California State Public Health Officer and co-author a new book "Urban Sprawl and Public Health: Designing, Planning and Building for Healthy Communities" published by Island Press.

M.E. Barwacz is planning a new community that encourages mobility for those who are deaf and hard of hearing. The town ofÊLaurent, South Dakota, is imagined as a town of signers, and M.E. join us on the show to talk about her plans.

Also with us are the irreverent team of marketers behind Houston's newÊguerilla marketing campaignÊthat features mosquitoes, hurricanes, and sprawl. Surprised? So were we. All that on this week's "Smart City."

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