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October 16, 2004

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What makes a great mayor? It's a question we ask guests regularly here on "Smart City." But Tann vom Hove has made a career of it. He is editor and publisher ofÊcitymayors.comÊwhere there is currently a competition underway to select World Mayor 2004. Some 50 mayors from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe have made the contest finals. We'll find out why this week on "Smart City."

Tann vom Hove is editor and publisher of the web site It's a collaboration of consultants and journalists worldwide to honor and serve the men and women running cities. The site examines how city mayors and others who govern metropolitan areas, develop innovative solutions to long-standing urban problems such as housing, transport, education and employment, but also how they meet the latest environmental, technological, social and security challenges which affect the well-being of their citizens.

Then we'll talk to Mara Guilianti who has been doing the job of mayor for 16 years in Hollywood, Florida. Mayor Guilianti and her Director of Commercial Corridor Development Neil Fritz are attempting to remake their city by remaking the land uses along the city's highways and major thoroughfares.

Neil Fritz is the city's new Director of Commercial Corridor Redevelopment. Together, they are working to give new life to the land alongside city's major roads. Neil is president of the Florida Redevelopment Association and has worked with more than 35 Florida communities on redevelopment efforts including the North Beach area of Miami Beach, Downtown Miami Main Street, Miracle Mile in Coral Gables and Overtown in Miami.

That's all coming up on the next "Smart City."

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