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October 23, 2004

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Is there a metropolitan time bomb ticking? Urban Land Institute senior fellow Maureen McAvey thinks there is. Consider this: 60 million new Americans, two-thirds of whom are immigrants, will need new schools, new roads, new water systems, just as states and cities have hit hard times. What can be done?

Maureen is the Urban Land Institute's senior resident fellow for urban development, and we'll ask her that question this week on "Smart City." Her focus at ULI is on the financial aspect of urban revitalization - what drives investment and what ensures long-lasting commitment. Maureen has more than 25 years of experience in real estate development, consulting, and the creation of public/private financial structures. Prior to joining the ULI staff, she was director of business development for Federal Realty Investment Trust and director of development for the City of St. Louis.

Also with us is Bill Stafford. He is President of the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle. He's been leading international study missions for that city for the past dozen years, and we'll find out what he's learned from those trips that all cities can benefit from.

ULI's Maureen McAvey and Seattle's Bill Stafford are our guests "Smart City."

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