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December 10, 2004

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What makes a compelling vision for a mid-size city in America?

It's a question we put to Tucson City Manager Jim Keene and Greenville, South Carolina Mayor Knox White, and they are our guests this week on Smart City.

Jim Keene is city manager of the fast-growing city of Tucson, Arizona. was initiated in 1997 to identify a long-term,community-driven vision for the city that would shape the city's budget and provide a framework for developing programs and services. It is Jim's job to keep the vision alive and relevant to Tucson's changing conditions.

Knox White is now in his ninth year as mayor of Greenville, South Carolina where he has spearheaded downtown retail and residential revitalization. Vision 2025 Greenville was just announced, and it's a plan developed by citizens from the Upstate region of South Carolina. We'll ask Mayor White about the vision for his community, and we'll also talk to Furman University President David Shi, who co-chaired Vision 2025.

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