Tweetie Bird Walked 9 miles this sunny day from 125th St. through Central Park to the west side, to the High Line to 12th St. I love New York. [More from ccoletta]

March 26, 2009

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A century ago, only one in 10 people lived in an urban environment.  100 years later, a majority of us call a city home.  Darren Walker brings us a fascinating global perspective on the Century of the City, the title of the new book from the Rockefeller Foundation that details strategies for creating livable cities in developing nations and the U.S.

And...fundamental to any city is its infrastructure. Our guests Michael Singer and Nancy Rutledge Connery join us to talk about their recent publication: "Infrastructure and Community:  How we can live with what
sustains us."
  Michael is a noted artist whose designs for big complicated works projects are as beautiful as they are functional.

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