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March 4, 2001

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Charleston, S.C. isÊthat rare, one-of-a-kind city that has managed to preserve its special historic charm while changing with the times.ÊÊ How?Ê Mayor Joe Riley is surely a big part of the answer.Ê He is considered the champion of livability issues among America's mayors.Ê His commitment to build world-class parks and public spaces has led to a major riverfront revitalization that includes a popular Aquarium and new Harborwalk.

Memphis enjoys what is arguably the most magnificent natural setting on America's greatest river.Ê But as the river economy declined, the city turned its back on the river and so began a 100-year decline.Ê Today, the riverfront is being rediscovered, and no one is more enthusiastic about its prospects that Mayor Willie Herenton.Ê HeÊencouraged the formation of the not-for-profit Riverfront Development Corp., provided its initial funding, and is turning riverfront property over to the agency to manage and develop.

Why are these mayors staking so much on riverfront revitalization?Ê Is this just another way to attract tourists or are riverfronts for the locals, too?Ê And how can cities balance the desire for new public spaces with the need for private development to pay for it.

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