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April 1, 2001

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In eight short weeks, we've had some of America's brightest thinkers on "Smart City."  When asked to produce a "Best of Smart City" for public radio pledge week, it was hard to choose which segments to re-air.  After eliminating the most recent two programs from consideration, we settled on three guests whose advice we believe should be most urgently considered by decision makers in Memphis and the Mid-South.  They are Richard Florida, Mayor Joe Riley and Fred Hansen. 

Richard Florida, an economist at the Wharton School, is an expert on how cities must transform themselves to attract young knowledge workers.  Mayor Riley is an expert on what cities must do to make special places that will stand the test of time.  And Fred Hansen heads Portland, Oregon's successful Tri-Met transit system.  Fred understands what cities must do to make themselves transit-friendly.

Listen Sunday on 91.1.  Then call in with your pledge and do your part to support our public radio station.

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