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May 6, 2001

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Almost twenty-five years ago, May was a time for white, well-to-do Memphians to celebrate Cotton Carnival.ÊÊThe lesser among us could enjoy the Midway, and black Memphians had their Cotton Makers Jubilee, but everyone knew their place.

That is, until a group of young Memphians decided it was time for a change.ÊÊIn 1977, Lyman Aldrich, Jeanne Arthurs, Rodney Baber, George Brown, Harold Shaw, Tif Bingham and Mose Yvonne Hooks founded Memphis in May.ÊÊThis month, tens of thousands of people from all over the world will take part in the festival.ÊÊMore important, Memphis has been permanently changed by the annual celebration.

What does it take for a group of 30-year-olds to change a city?ÊÊAnd could their success be repeated today?ÊÊWell find out this week from our guests, Lyman Aldrich and Jeanne Arthur.

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