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May 27, 2001

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Nonprofits have traditionally relied on a combination of grants, donations and special event fund raising for their survival.Ê Earned income played a small role, if any, in a nonprofit's income mix.Ê

But a new style nonprofit is emerging that sets out to achieve self-sufficiency through entrepreneurial activity.Ê One such nonprofit is Juniper Bakery and Apprenticeship Program.Ê It is training young Memphians, ages 16-25, in baking skills, and the products they make generate income for the organization.Ê Its founder is Jonathan Koplin, who with his wife Pauline owns the popular Brother Juniper's restaurant in the University District.ÊEventually,ÊJonathan's plan is to establish a vocational village, teaching furniture refinishing, upholstery and other skills to disadvantaged youth.

Pierre Ferrari has played an important role in making similar nonprofit ventures happen nationwide in his role as president of Hot Fudge Ventures, a community development venture capital fund spun out of the social responsibility focus of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.ÊÊThe purpose of Hot Fudge is to use venture capital techniques and tools to create jobs, entrepreneurial capacity and wealth that advance the livelihoods and wealth opportunities of low-income people and the economies of distressed communities.ÊÊ

Pierre was educated in England and the United States.ÊÊHe holds a Masters degree in Economics from The University of Cambridge and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

During the past six years, he has focused his energies on a variety of social issues, including Conscientious Commerce as director of Ben and Jerrys and Small Enterprise Assistance.

You can hear Jonathan Koplin and Pierre Ferrari on "Smart City," Sunday, 9 a.m., on the WKNO FM stations (90.7, 91.1).


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