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August 5, 2001

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What makes the South the South?Ê

Bill Ferris understands the answer to that question in a way few others do.Ê He is a native Mississippian who has spent a lifetime studying the South and its culture.Ê For the past four years, Bill Ferris has chaired the National Endowment for the Humanities where he confounded traditionalists with the importance he placed on popular and folk culture.Ê History, he says, is not just James Madison - it is Jimi Hendrix.Ê It is not just Dylan Thomas  it is Bob Dylan.Ê Bill says you cant understand Southern culture without tasting Moon Pies.

Well talk to Bill about his unorthodox approach to the South and the humanities,Êin the first half-hour of this week's special one-hour edition of Smart City.Ê Ê

In the second half-hour, we'll meet three artists who are pushing beyond the traditional boundaries of the Southern myth and creating a new Southern culture.Ê They are filmmaker Craig Brewer, singer-songwriter-producer Ross Rice, and Ballet Memphis artistic director and founder Dorothy Gunther Pugh.Ê

Listen Sunday, 9 a.m., on the WKNO-FM Stations, and again Tuesday, 9 a.m. on 88.9 FM.

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