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August 19, 2001

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Richard Lamm is the longest-serving Governor in Colorado history, holding the office from 1975 to 1987.Ê Currently, he is the director of the Center for Public Policy and Contemporary Issues at the University of Denver.Ê He is one of the new breed of policy analysts who argues that the challenge of the 21st century is to meet new public needs by reconceptualizing much of what government does and how it does it.Ê Gov. Lamm says we can't retire the baby boomers under our current social systems, nor provide health care without rethinking the goals of medicine.

In the most recent issue of The Kettering Review, Gov. LammÊwrites that the community is elusive in today's America, and he offers up Ten Commandments for Building a Quality Community.

Gov.ÊRichard Lamm is our guest on this week'sÊ"Smart City."Ê Listen Sunday 9 a.m. (Central) on 91.1 FMÊ or 9 a.m. Tuesday on 88.9 FM.Ê Or hear the archived program anytime on the Web.


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