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September 30, 2001

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Our guests this week make upÊa rare,Êall-Memphis panel.Ê It's a logical follow-up to last week's show with Sir Peter Hall.Ê In his book, "Cities in Civilization," Peter cited Memphis as one of 21 cities in history that made a unique contribution.Ê In the case of Memphis, it was a marriage of art and technology by the legendary Sam Phillips who recorded Elvis Presley and changed popular music forever.

Can it happen again?Ê We'll ask our guests who are:

Jackie Nichols isÊExecutive ProducerÊof Playhouse on the Square, Circuit Playhouse and TheatreWorks.Ê He incubated, then spun off theÊMemphis Black Repertory Theatre.Ê Jackie has also started a massive children’s theatre program.

John Michael McCarthy is a filmmaker, whose Big Broad Guerilla Monster was the city’s first indie film company.Ê His films include Teenage Tupelo and Damselvis.Ê Currently, he's working on a country and western film called "Serenity 73."

Darius Wallace is an actor who has been a member of the companies at Playhouse and Black Rep.Ê He is currently appearing in "Hair" and working on a one-man show on Frederick Douglass that is expected to tour the country.

Jeff Nesin is theÊpresident of the Memphis College of Art, a nationally recognized college of visual arts offering the BFA and MFA degrees.Ê The college both employs and educates artists.Ê

Annabelle Meacham is a painter living in Senatobia, Mississippi.Ê Her work is in numerous corporate collections and is represented by the Jay Etkin Gallery.

Nancy Coffee is the Vice President of Development and Marketing for the Memphis Arts Council.Ê She is active in the development of the South Main Arts District.

Christopher Reyes is a multi-media designer who works for clients nationally.Ê His firm, Ninjacat, is recording Memphis bands for an exciting new project called “”Ê

Listen Sunday, 9 a.m. Central on WKNO-FM stations or on the Web.

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