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October 7, 2001

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Larry Keeley is a strategic planner who believes that most strategies are unforgivably dull and uninspiring, and for no good reason.Ê About strategy, Larry says, "A great strategy can usually be diagrammed on the back of my business card, and has a single major point: It says what you are going to do to constructively alter the daily lives of millions of people. Unfortunately, the people who craft strategy usually aren't curious enough about peoples' everyday lives. Yet this is always the best starting place for true breakthroughs."

He is obsessed about the use of design to transform strategy into a more potent force.Ê Since 1979, Larry and his Chicago-based firm, Doblin, have worked with Aetna, Amoco, Apple, Hallmark, McDonald's, Motorola, Steelcase, Texas Instruments, and Xerox.Ê Larry is the president of Doblin.

Earlier this year in a keynoteÊaddress to the prestigious Aspen Design Conference, Larry predicted 11 coming convergences.Ê He'll talk about his predictions and his work in fostering innovation this week on "Smart City."Ê Listen Sunday, 9 a.m. on WKNO-FM stations.Ê The show re-airs Tuesday, 9 a.m.Ê You can also hear "Smart City" on the Web.


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