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October 21, 2001

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Mike Rubin is creating new kinds of places for people to go, to gather, to play.Ê He is the founder and president of MRA International, a Philadelphia-based firm whose mission is to create places that reinstill a sense of community in our cities with one-of-a-kind destinations and attractions.Ê MRA has worked on such projects as Crayola Creativity Works, Philadelphias Lights of Liberty project, Inner Harbor East in Baltimore, NFL X and NHL Skate, and the Wildhorse Saloon.

Mike is chairman of the Urban Land Institute's Entertainment Development Council.

As president of , J. Walker SmithÊstudies the changing behavior of Americans andÊidentifies opportunities to satisfy their longings.Ê He is the author of the contemporary classic, "Rocking the Ages."

Henry Beer is a founding partner of Communication Arts in Boulder, CO.Ê Last week, heÊwowed the Urban Land Institute's Entertainment Development Council with his speech challenging some of their favorite urbanÊentertainment projects.

"Smart City" is streamed live on the Web Sunday, 9 a.m. Central and again Tuesday, 9 a.m. Central.Ê The show is also archived for listening any time.


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