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October 28, 2001

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Each week on "Smart City," at least oneÊguest will mention leadership as the key to achieving important things in cities.Ê That made us wonder, "Where do leaders come from?Ê Are leaders born?Ê Or can they be made?"

For answers we turned to the Coro Foundation, an organization that for 40 years has been training men and women for leadership.Ê The people selected for training are called Coro Fellows.Ê Now operating in five cities, the Coro program has a stellar track record in actually producing people who can lead, particularly in the public sector.Ê The Coro program teaches people how to listen, how to ask good questions, how to see the world through the eyes of others, and how to remain flexible.Ê These are, says Coro trainers, the essential skills of leadership.

Listen Sunday, 9 a.m. Central on the WKNO FM Stations or live on the Web and again Tuesday, 9 a.m. Central.Ê Or you can find this show and others archived on the Web.



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