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December 2, 2001

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Fourteen years ago, Rebecca Webb Wilson had a vision that black and white high school leaders in Memphis ought to learn to work together and build ties to one another that could last a lifetime.Ê She called the program Bridge Builders, and today the program has grown to include 50 Memphis area schools, 9 schools in Knoxville and students from many different backgrounds.

This week we have three of the 626 active Bridge Builders in Memphis to talk about what they've learned about leadership and about each other - and what those lessons can teach us all about laying aside differences for the benefit of the total community.

Our guests are:

Mitchell Allgyer, a senior at Bolton High School.
Brooke Hyman, a senior at White Station High School.
Amanda Campbell, a junior at Craigmont High School.

The mission of Bridge Builders is to develop among high students a group of future leaders who can lay aside individual, social, economic, and cultural differences for the benefit of all.


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