Tweetie Bird It is about imagining that the center is ever flexible and having the courage to create new centers.-Theaster Gates on his work #ArtPlace [More from ccoletta]

December 23, 2001

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Fred Kent is founder and president of Project for Public Spaces.Ê Its mission is to create and sustain public places that build communities.Ê To achieve that mission, Project for Public Spaces works on parks, plazas and central squares; transportation; public buildings and architecture; and public markets.Ê Each year, Fred travels almost 150,000 miles working on projects, lecturing and leading workshops all over the world to help grow public space into vital community places. After attending Columbia University, Fred studied with Margaret Mead and worked with William H. Whyte on the Street Life Project, assisting in observations and film analysis of corporate plazas, urban streets, parks and other open spaces in New York City.Ê


Daniel Lieberman has been a major player in two of Seattle's most treasuredÊlandmarks:ÊÊStarbucks and the famous Pike Place Market. ÊTwo years ago, he became the executive director of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority, where he overseesÊ the 9-acre historic market.Ê Daniel Ê brought to the job his 10 years experience at a very young Starbucks, where he opened more than 100 stores in the US and Canada and worked on licensing concepts.

Fred Kent and Daniel Lieberman are our guests this week on "Smart City."Ê Listen Sunday, December 23, 9 a.m. Central live or online on the WKNO-FM Stations.


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