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January 13, 2002

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Bill Strickland has been working for more than three decades to improve the futures of inner-city residents as president and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation, based in Pittsburgh. The company resulted from the marriage of the Manchester Craftsmens Guild, which uses the arts to teach life skills to poor children, and the Bidwell Training Center, a vocational center for adults.Ê In 1996, Bill Strickland received a MacArthur Fellowship, better known as the genius award.Ê

Dr. Scott Morris vision of a faith-based health care facility for the working poor is now a national model for decreasing the cost of health care and building healthy communities.Ê Morris opened the Church Health Center on Sept. 1, 1987. He and a nurse treated 12 people that first day. Today, The Church Health Center sees an estimated 30,000 patients. With the Memphis Plan, a low cost health care plan, people too poor to pay for insurance, but who make too much for government-sponsored programs, can get quality, affordable health care.

We'll talk to both of these social entrepreneurs this week on "Smart City."

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