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February 10, 2002

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Tim Delaney is founder of The Center for Leadership, Ethics and Public Service.Ê ItÕs a Phoenix-based nonprofit, public policy think tank that conducts leadership and ethics training for public officials and nonprofit executives and boards.

Before founding the Center, Tim practiced law in the public and private sectors.Ê Tim prosecuted cases that removed elected officials from office for violating the public trust and impeached a Governor.Ê He also wrote ArizonaÕs Public Service Orientation laws that mandate ethics training for public officials and founded ArizonaÕs Good Government Forum.

He is a graduate of Yale University, the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the University of Texas Law School.

Michelle Nunn is one person doing her part to encourage citizens to become more involved in public and civic life.

She is the executive director of CityCares,Êan association of 31 volunteer organizations across the U.S. and, now, internationally. CityCares expands and supports an innovative alliance of volunteer organizations working to build community through service and civic engagement. Collectively, CityCares affiliates engage hundreds of thousands of individuals in direct, hands-on volunteer service to their communities each year.

Michelle is also the founder of one CityCares affiliate, Hands On Atlanta, which now has 25,000 volunteers.Ê Michelle is a graduate of the University of Virginia and recently completed her MasterÕs Degree in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

We'll talk with them both about civic duties on the next "Smart City."

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