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February 24, 2002

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Ronald Lee Fleming is the founder of The Townscape Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Ê He is an urban planner and designer, preservation advocate and environmental educator and critic.Ê Ron is recognized for planning, public art and urban design projects which seek to merge the skills of architects, historians and artists.Ê He and his associates pioneered some of the early ÒMain StreetÓ projects and, more recently, he has used this cross-disciplinary approach to make contributions in the area of environmental education.Ê Ron FlemingÕs trilogy, ÒThe Power of Place,Ó was nominated for a Pulitizer Prize.Ê The Townscape Institute has worked in more than 100 communities and ten countries with a practice that includes consulting, advocacy, education and design work.

Severine Fleming is a 20-year-old sophomore at Pomona College in Claremont, California.Ê She is the unofficial publicity person for the Pomona Organic Garden, a 2-acre garden on the campus. It was started five years ago by ÒGuerilla FarmersÓ without the collegeÕs permission.Ê She grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where her father, Ron Fleming, lives, but spent her summers on her motherÕs familyÕs farm in Basel, Switzerland.

We'll talk to them both about connecting to the places we live on the next "Smart City."

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