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April 14, 2002

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Finding out what works and what doesnÕt in juvenile justice systems is the life work of Dick Mendel. Ê He is an independent writer and researcher who regularly reports on juvenile justice systems for foundations and public policy institutes.Ê What heÕs found is surprising, even shocking.Ê He claims that much of what we are doing to punish and rehabilitate juvenile offenders simply doesnÕt work.Ê And he believes that we can have more safety at less cost if we will pay attention to his research. You can find out more aboutÊDick's study onÊjuvenile justice initiatives that reduce crime and save money by visiting the Web site.

WeÕllÊalso talk with Gail Mumford, regional administrator for the State of MissouriÕs Division of Youth Services.Ê Dick Mendel says Gail runs one of the nationÕs stand-out programs in juvenile justice. Her Division is the state agency charged with the care and treatment of youth committed to its custody by one of the 45 Missouri juvenile courts.


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