Tweetie Bird It is about imagining that the center is ever flexible and having the courage to create new centers.-Theaster Gates on his work #ArtPlace [More from ccoletta]

May 19, 2002

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Elaine Carmichael founded Economic Stewardship in 1999.Ê The firm helps public sector clients develop tourism development strategies, market demand and feasibility analysis, and economic action plans.Ê Prior to founding her firm, Elaine worked for Economic Research Associates, and the Cities of Boston and New Haven.Ê She received her BA from Yale and her Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.Ê

Penelope Coombes is the founder and managing director of The People for Places and Spaces in Sydney, Australia.Ê Quality of life research is at the heart of her work, and she uses that research to influence city planning, urban revitalization and the well-being of communities and even individuals.

ÒLiving StreetsÓ and ÒNeighborhood CentersÓ are just two of her interests that have grown out of her quality of life research.

Penny works regularly throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and the U.S. conducting workshops to encourage public participation in city planning and urban renewal projects.

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