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May 26, 2002

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William McDonough is an internationally-renowned designer and one of the primary proponents and shapers of what he calls ÒThe Next Industrial Revolution.ÓÊ Time magazine recognized him as one of the heroes of the planet in 1999, saying Òhis Utopianism is grounded in a unified philosophy that Ð in demonstrable and practical ways Ð is changing the design of the world.ÓÊ

As founder of William McDonough and Partners, he is known for his approach to design and commerce that incorporates concern for economic prosperity, social equity and environmental intelligence.Ê He received the nationÕs highest environmental honor in 1996, when President Bill Clinton presented him with the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development.Ê Bill McDonough is also a principal and co-founder of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry.

David Reynolds is ChicagoÕs Deputy Commissioner of Brownfields.Ê He leads the remarkably ambitious ÒGreen Vision for Chicago,Ó an effort that includes everything from green gateways and more parkland to a new center for green technology.Ê ItÕs an effort, inspired by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, to turn environmental liabilities into community assets and national examples.

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