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June 16, 2002

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Bruce Katz is a senior fellow at Brookings Institution and founding director of its Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy. In partnership with academics, private and public sector leaders and locally-elected officials, the Center seeks to influence public policy and actions of the private sector related to cities and metropolitan regions.

Bruce regularly works with cities and states on developing new strategies for growth. Before joining Brookings, Bruce was Chief of Staff to Henry Cisneros, former Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Community Development. He served as his principal advisor on urban economic development, community reinvestment and public housing.

Joseph Cortright is recognized as one of Oregon's leading economic analysts. His consulting firm, Impresa, advises business and government clients on responding to the challenges of economic and technological change. Prior to joining Impresa, Joe served as the chief economic development staff person for the Oregon Legislature over a twelve-year period in which Oregon produced a number of nationally-recognized innovations in development policy, including the Oregon Benchmarks, sector strategies, workforce policies, and entrepreneurial development.

Along with Heike Mayer of Portland State University, he is the author of a new study on the biotech industry published by the Brookings Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy. ItÕs called "Signs of Life: The Growth of Biotechnology Centers in the U.S."

And we'll talk with Mike Clarke, a design engineer with Tiqit Computers about the new "eightythree."

The world's first "portable computer" was a 60-pound monster built like a tank. It was introduced in 1975 by IBM.

Twenty-seven years later, a Redwood, California-based company called Tiqit Computers is launching the "eightythree," a remarkable 19-ounce wonder that is a fully functional desktop PC masquerading as a handheld device.

Think about the impact of cellphones on everyday life in cities. Now ask yourself, "What happens to society when we can compute while walking around?"

We're about to find out the answer to that question when Tiqit introduces the "eightythree" later this year. It's already won "Best of Show" at Planet PDA last month, and it will be on display at the PC Expo in New York this week.

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