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May 20, 2009

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This week on Smart City: arts, culture and buzz.  Does your city have it?  How can you tell?  And if you don't have it, where do you get it?

First we'll speak with of ArtPrize - an "open art" contest in Grand Rapids that will offer the world's largest prize ever: $250,000. The contest, which will transform the city's downtown into a virtual art gallery, is open to any artist, established or emerging, and will be voted on by ArtPrize audiences via the web and text messaging. We'll talk to Rick about what kind of mark he expects ArtPrize to make on his hometown and the world.

And we'll explore the nature of that elusive thing called buzz.

We'll speak with Elizabeth Currid and , two researchers who have studied buzz and identified the hottest spots in L.A. and New York. They'll join us to explain their unusual approach, and they'll tell us how to quantify cool and understand how a creative cultural scene really works.


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